Chora and Kapsali

Chora is one of the most interesting parts of the island on the southern part. Chora is the capital of the island. It is a pretty village of Cycladic style. The central square planted with hibiscus and bongavilia is Dimitrios Stais square. The castle of Chora was important because of it’s stratagic location observing the Ionian, the Agean and the Cretan sea at the same time. Kapsali is a harbour and a village 3 km. east from Chora, it stands along a bay devided in two parts by a narrow and rock peninsula. Kapsali has organised beach coffee shops, restaurants and night life. Kythera Hotels


Mylopotamos meaning mill of the river is another idyllic place of the island. It was named Mylopotamos because there are 22 watermills built along a small stream. In the town there are three caves, a venetian Castle and the Monastery of Orphani Maria. The local square is shaded by an ancient huge plane tree where you can sit and have a coffee drink or enjoy local homemade sweats. Don’t forget to visit Fonisa waterfall.

Kythera HotelsThe Cave of Agia Sofia

The cave has nice formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Leaving Mylopotamos past the junction that leads to the cave of Agia Sofia after a beautiful ride with a view to the Ionian sea you will end up at the beach of Limnionas. In Limnionas you can see the traditional houses used by fisherman for shelter. You can also taste fresh fishes.

Kythera HotelsPotamos

Potamos is the largest village of Kythira, located 10 km. from Agia Pelagia and 19 km. from Chora. It is the local commercial centre receiving a great numbers of locals from other villages. This unspoiled and quiet village offers some really nice sites to visit as an extremely beautiful bridge from the English period. The church of Panagia Ilariotissa and the churches of Agios Ioannis, Agia Anastasia and the Saviour which are really interesting, because of their beautiful icons and fine frescoes. The village has large number of shops.

Kythera HotelsPaleopolis (Paliopolis)

Paliopolis is a wonderful expose of sandy beach. This area once known as Skandia was a bustling area during Phoenician times and consequently the area is full of archaeological sites and interest. Not far from Paliopolis is Kaladi a popular beach to visit. Near Paliopolis is Avlemonas a beautiful village. A small rocky bay with marvellous view and clean-water. In Avlemonas you can enjoy your coffee and fresh-fishes.

Kythera HotelsMitata – Viaradika

The most beautiful interns of lush vegetation village of Kythera. It has wonderful view to a beautiful green, the gorge of Tsakonas. Opposite Mitata is Viaradika and among them lies the gorge of Tsakonas a frenzy of deuce with various trees shrubs and other plants that capture the senses. Don’t forget to visit Mitata in August to dance and to drink original Kythera wine … the wine festival of Mitata.

Kythera HotelsKaravas – Gerakari – Light House of Moudari

Karavas is a very beautiful with traditional houses and running waters. From Karava you can visit the light house of Moudari. The view from the lighthouse is splendid. Don’t forget to visit and Gerakari the biggest forest of the island.

myridiaPanagia Mirtidiotissa (Virgin) – Agios Nicholas Crasas

The Monastery – church with the miraculous icon of Virgin (Panagia) is located in the western part of the island, near the village of Kalokerines. It derives  it’s name from the fact that it was found in a myrtle bush in the fourteenth century by a shepherd. Initially a small church was built by the shepherd. From 19th century we have the big church is the same place. In August and in September people all over the world come to visit the miraculus – icon. Don’t forget to visit and Agios- Nicholas Krasan you will enjoy the sunset in the sea. You will enjoy the view. You will understand what means Kythera, what means to be in paradise.

kythera hotelsThe Cypress-Forest in Lourandianika

Near Livadi is Lourandianika with the cypress forest. You will never forget your pic-nic there with you water and your food under the shadows of the trees.

paleochoraAgios Dimitrios (Haireddin Barbarossa)

Paleochora is the first Byzantine capital of Kythera. It’s name was Agios Dimitrios it is located in the north east side of the island. It was built at the top of the hill of an amazing gorge. It was built in this place for protection just not to be seen from the sea. Unfortunately Barbarossa found the village and completely destroyed in 1537.

kythera hotelsKatouni Bridge

The stone bridge in Katouni is one of the most impressive monuments of Kythera. It was built during the period of British rule and is the largest British stone bridge in Greece. From a legend we know that the British governor fell in love with a girl from Katouni village and decided to build the bridge near her house in order to see her daily supervising the project.

Osios-TheodorosOsios Theodoros

Osios Theodoros is the protector of Kythera. Don’t forget to visit the monastery. It is near Aroniadika another beautiful village of Kythera with traditional houses.